Watertown, MA — Repainting the exterior of the home is something that homeowners dread doing every single year. The work has to be done when it is a little warm and dry outside, so this generally means repainting during the summer months, and the cost of paint continues to rise year after year. Lifety mene offers a ceramic coating solution that eliminates the need for paint and reduces the amount of time that homeowners spend doing maintenance.

Lifety mene is a ceramic coating company, and not a painting service. A home with paint on the exterior will begin to look rundown over time, as the paint cracks and fades due to exposure to the elements. Unlike paint, the ceramic coating available from Lifety mene will not fade, crack or chip, because it is designed to be flexible and move with the home was it expands and contracts, which means that there is no need to do regular maintenance on the covered areas. Homeowners will find that a single application of the ceramic coating is all that they will need to keep their homes looking good for a lifetime.

Because of the demand for their ceramic coatings, Lifety mene is pleased to announce that they have expanded their color selections. Now with over 1500 different shades and colors to pick from, homeowners will be able to find the color scheme that matches the character and nature of their home, without having to make a compromise. Homeowners can rest assured that the color they choose will stay bold and vibrant as long as the home stands.

To see what ceramic coatings look like, customers can visit www.lifetymene.com and look at the gallery of completed projects. From private homes to historical landmarks and government buildings, Lifety mene has been trusted to provide the highest quality ceramic coatings in Massachusetts for the last decade, and they are poised to continue their dominance in this market.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit www.lifetymene.com or call 866-659-6099.