Innovative New Smart Himalayan salt lamp a popular choice since being made available for pre­order

London, UK — Everyone at British company LIFE knew they were on to something when initial designs for Zencube, a stylish smart Himalayan salt lamp, were presented to them and everyone in the room wanted one. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, then, that the crowdfunding campaign LIFE launched on Indiegogo to fund the manufacture of Zencube was fully funded in less than 48 hours. It shouldn’t have been, but it still was.

“We worked hard to communicate Zencube’s value,” says Tracie Davis, Project Manager at LIFE, “but we were still holding our breath when we clicked the button that made the campaign go live.”

Fortunately, nobody had to hold his or her breath too long. Funders were quick to become part of the phenomenon of the Himalayan salt lamp that balances harmful positive ions with natural negative ions. LIFE’s savvy promise to get backers their Zencube’s in time for Christmas may have helped to get early traction from eager gift buyers.

According to Davis, “We’re already over 250 percent funded at this point. The Indiegogo campaign success has been sort of a proof of concept for us. It’s exciting that so many people understand the value of wellness. We look forward to rolling out Zencube soon.”


Zencube’s ingenuous design makes it the world’s first smart salt lamp. The lamp’s RGB LED bulb can be controlled by an app to change into any color, matching mood or surroundings.

The lamp includes one of the planet’s best­known natural producers of negative ions: Himalayan salt. When heated, the pink crystals found in the Khewra salt mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan emit negative ions. Scientific studies have measured significant improvement in conditions like anxiety, depression high blood pressure, respiratory function and sleep quality in people who use traditional Himalayan salt lamps.

Zencube uses an energy efficient RGB LED bulb that heats the salt enough for negative ions to be released while the entire lamp stays cool to the touch. The color control app firmly places Zencube at the forefront of wellness technology.

The Zencube design team also wanted a modernized version of what can only be called the typical lumpy salt lamp. The result is a sleek design that complements any décor.

For more details check or find it on Indiegogo at­the­coolest­healthiest­smart­lamp--­­2/
Tracie Davis
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