Light can use Velcro or clip on, designed for nighttime runners, dog walkers and bikers

Life Style Lytz has launched its latest product, an LED safety light designed to give nighttime runners, bikers, and walkers security when out after dark.

Sold in packs of two for $10.05, exclusively on online retail giant, the led safety lights attack with Velcro or clip on to the users’ clothing, bicycle or anywhere else. They feature five LED bulbs that can be set to constantly illuminate or strobe slowly or strobe quickly, and are powered by two included coin-cell batteries.

“Each year, 76,000 pedestrians and 494,000 cyclists are injured,” a spokesperson for Life Style Lytz said. “It just isn’t worth the risk to be invisible, especially with the advances in LED technology. The LED Safety Light that we’re offering is so lightweight that it’s barely noticeable, easy to secure and makes people more visible, especially when they’re used during times of day with little light.”

The lights are element resistant, so can be used year-round in any weather conditions. The set comes with two LED safety lights, two Velcro straps, four batteries and a miniature screwdriver to open the lights for battery changes.

The Velcro straps allow the lights to be secured to bicycles or other objects, and the spring clip on the back allows the lights to clip on to nearly any surface, from shirts to armbands to hats to backpacks. They also can clip on to a pet leash, providing visibility for both a pet and the walker.

“If you do things outdoors when it isn’t bright and sunny out, you probably already know what it feels like to wonder if motorists can see you,” the spokesperson said. Now, if you’re a nighttime runner or walker, you can clip on our LED safety light and be confident that they can.”

More information about the Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light is available at