Especially with the discount they have allowed for the New Year’s occasion, the Path Planner has become an immense hit among the women population who the planner is specifically aimed at.

For those who have a knack for planning everything out, The Path Planner might prove to be an immense help for the upcoming New Year. The several numbers of resolutions added to the planning a ‘New Year- New Me’ requires can be quite frankly baffling. This is why the Path Planner has arranged their product in a way so as to provide maximum benefits for those who are using it. Not only that, but it becomes increasingly hard to follow all these resolutions till the end with no motivation to fuel it. The planner makes sure to provide the reader with the proper planning environment which can help the users carry on keeping up with the resolutions.

An additional 10% discount has also been provided for the occasion of the New Year and that has further made the Path Planner an even better tool for people to record their resolutions and planning. For more information on the discount of the Path Planner visit:

The Path Planner is available for sale on Amazon including a special Christmas Bundle: A mini notebook, 10 coloring mandalas, Vision Board (printable), 2017 Calendar Planner (printable), 2 special ebooks. For more information on the Christmas bonus please visit:

It has already proven its worth to quite a number of users.

“The product is super useful.
This planner integrates all the important areas of life and it is structured in a way that lets you see at a glance all your goals and steps to achieve them. LOVED IT!!!! And definitely a recommendation is in order!”

“I recently decided to push my business to the next level and was looking for ONE place to keep my priorities, goals (long term and short term) and include a calendar. It is not a regular day-to-day or month-to-month planner. The goal of this planner is to help you achieve large goals by breaking them into smaller ones.”

About the Company:
Life Organizers had been founded by Felicia (who personally is a big believer of dreams coming true) and in May 2016, the brand put forth The Path Planner for making planning easier for people all across the globe. They are currently in the process of development of three other products namely- the journal (that has more room for self), a six months planner (for professional planners) and the stone paper planner (which is coming up on 2017)
Contact information:
Name: Felicia
Address: 14121 NE Airport Way, #361752, Portland, Oregon 97230
Email ID: [email protected]