NATIONWIDE; 22, November 2014: As with many of the country’s brave and respected veterans, Staff Sergeant James Liccione Senior was a humble man who pledged to serve and protect during World War II. While he spoke little of his time at war to most, he shared many stories with his son Alex. 

Alex Liccione Homeless Vet Liccione

Alex Liccione was so moved with his father’s stories of heroism and humility, that he began researching World War II in greater detail. This led Alex to writing a World War II book about the Aleutian Islands—but he didn’t stop there. 


While sifting through his father’s memorabilia, and collecting research for his book—Alex was inspired to paint replicas of many of the images he came across. Since World War II photos were all in black and white, Alex Liccione was able to bring more of a sense of connection to the images by painting them in color with oil. 

WW2 Liccione Liccione Alex

“It is my honor to celebrate my father, and our countries brave World War II veterans in my Military Series.” Alex Liccione 

Alex’s Military Series is a collection of over 25 oil paintings, which are available in print too. Veterans and their family members are so inspired by Alex’s ability to capture the truth of the solders, military life, and of the war—that many commission Alex to create replicas of their personal photos as invaluable pieces of family history.

Alex’s work has been featured in celebrated sets such as “The Good Wife”, the “Sex and the City” movie, “Law and Order”—and he has won 5 daytime Emmys, including his work for “Sesame Street.” 

Alex Liccione began his WW2 Military Series in 2002, and continues to add to the collection as inspiration strikes. To view the WW2 and Military Series in full, or to commission a portrait please visit