Libanaissweets, one of America’s leading brands of organic and natural convenience foods has recently debuted brand new category of vegan deserts that does not contain any by products or animal products. The nation’s top selling company has found a way to make a vegan certified dessert which has the velvety, luscious texture and flavor of very good premium dairy ice cream however without any on the eggs or milk in the components.

All the different flavors are made with nourishing and healthy cholesterol free coconut milk. When this excellent technique is combined with superior quality organic components, it keeps the coconut zest in the background thus resulting in a splendid creation which will take in even the regular dairy ice cream aficionados.

The company has been so excited about brining this vegan verified delicacy to their customers and they are very happy about it said one of the spokesperson of this company. And the customers seem to be very delighted with the sumptuous indulgence made by the company.

The company become interested in vegan deserts due to the people’s increasing awareness of healthier eating habits. In fact, the vegan market has increased in twofold over the past few years and a lot of non vegans are now seen to be deliberately opting for plant based foods.

The most imperative aspect for the company was to create a vegan dessert which replicated the texture and delicious taste which the customers have come to expect from, says the company’s spokesperson.

These newly introduced desserts at libanaissweets will be all set for retail purchase exactly during the hat days of summers and early fall. Prepared with organic coconut milk and sugared with agave syrup, their range of desserts offered by the company is organic, vegan verified, gluten free, non diary and non-GMO. The new ranges of vegan deserts are prepared with same care, love and quality for which libanaissweets’s foods are well-known.  To get more information please visit


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It is the first and most authentic type of Mediterranean sweets. It embraces hundreds of years of passion into each single piece.

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