USA; 17, December 2015: Letter writing is now not as popular among people as it was previously used to be. People now engage in commercial transactions with each other mainly through the use of internet, smartphones and various other social medium platforms. But when it is for sharing of thoughts and ideas in a natural manner, then handwritten letter is the most suitable option. There are many sites from where people can acquire the traditional letter writing skills so as to express their feelings in a nice and simple ways. is one such site that offers suitable guidelines to write letters for both personal and official purposes.

It suggests users to use language expression similar to that they use while speaking for writing any letter. It also suggests that the writing style of any letter must also depends on whom it is to be addressed. If it is addressed to any superior then the tone must be full of respect, in case of friends it must be familiar, for inferiors it should be entirely courteous and for the relatives, the tone will be full of affection. It also refrain viewers from using stereotyped phrase and recommends them to maintain originality while writing letters. From this site users can also obtain the actual structural format for writing personal and official letters in the form of suitable samples.

From this platform, users can get useful information about relevant stationary items while writing beautiful letters. These mainly include monogrammed/personalized cards, envelopes, papers, fountain pens and many more. The site emphasizes on writing letters on fountain pen for the reflection of class and sophistication to the mind of the receiver. It also recommends proper sealing of letters using royal wax seals so that only the intended person can read it. It also suggests viewers to use special opener when it comes to opening any letter envelop. It also specifies what will be the ideal size and weight of a correspondance card.

Here users will also get useful information on useful engraving options on the letter pad so as to appeal to the mind of the readers. It also suggests the option of thermography to those users who have problem in spending money on engraving. For creating a sense of nostalgia among the readers, people can also employ the printing technique of letterpress as suggested by this site. It also offers purchasing options to buy items like letter pads, pens, letter opener, wax seals and such other stationary items for writing letters.

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