Letsure the long established landlord and tenant insurance company has launched a new product aimed the landlord market.

The new insurance package is called Rentsure Complete and has been designed to offer the highest level of coverage with the smallest price tag, covers various breaches of tenancy including legal protection for evicting tenants on the ground of non-payment of rent. Rentsure Complete is a combined reference and Rent Guarantee product, and puts together the firm‘s Rent Guarantee insurance with its Comprehensive reference product. It is not available on line through agents like www.jml-property-insurance.co.uk and Landlords will have to use an agent.

Managing director of Letsure, Ian Fraser, said: “Innovation is key to the successful development of services to the lettings industry and we have been working hard over the last eight months to begin expanding our range of products and services and the product had been released to allow landlords to simultaneously acquire Rent Guarantee insurance and references”

The joint product cannot be purchased on line, only through a letting agent, however Philip Suter of jml-property-insurance explained that although a great deal of landlords were using letting agents, many landlords still did not. It is important to take up credit references and in the present climate of tenants can fall into arrears for many reasons, even those with favourable references being made redundant so it is worth while to take out Letsure Rental Guarantee insurance.

Letsure‘s Rent Protection insurance is available on line at http://www.jml-property-insurance.co.uk/letsure.htm#Rent and what is more a Landlord can then register to take up their own credit search references by Letsure and the prices range from £13.50 to £30.25 plus VAT depending on the level of reference for the private landlord. This is an ideal solution for a landlord who finds their own tenants. For many years Letsure have helped thousands of UK landlords to reduce their risk of having a bad tenant.

Philip Suter of jml Property Insurance said “I recall that since the late 1980‘s at various letting agents I was working for we always used Letsure for referencing. Although Landlords cannot get the combined product on line, they can get Letsure referencing and then the Rent Guarantee insurance.”

A bad tenant can not only remove the landlord‘s rental income, they can dramatically add to your costs with unexpected legal and repair bills. The Letsure Tenant Assessment Service goes beyond just a simple credit check and a satisfactory Comprehensive Tenant Assessment will also satisfy the requirements for Letsure Rent and Legal protection insurance which will reduce the landlord‘s financial exposure should a tenant breach the tenancy agreement.

Company Information
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