11, November 2015: I was doing a search the other day about new TV Game Shows because I missed that authentic family fun type competition style game show. Low and behold, I came across something that really impressed me. So brace yourself while I explain what it’s all about.

Imagine for instance you have a favorite quote or saying that you love, and this quote inspired you to actually do something like create a video game, or write a book or even build a new invention. Then imagine facing the unanswered questions of how do I get this out? How do I get people to see this amazing concept? So many steps but no help from the ground up, but it is always a brick on the wall built in front of a dream, right? Well as I said, I came across a TV Game Show which not only answers those unanswered questions but also gives that help from the ground up. Yup sure does! Imagine a "Shark Tank" which actually allowed you to start from a grass roots concept and compete for the chance to get your product or creation off the ground. Yes! This show has it, and I love the quote in the promo when the host Kevin B said, "Reality is not always about drama, accidents, or pranks but about the next generation of creative minds".

This moved me in such a way because reality TV has taken over, yet creative expression is reality as well. So now you have an unscripted one-stop-shop of creative expression of all kinds. Yet on top of all that it states on the website you can compete as many times as you want. Of course Kevin B and Danna-Gift the hosts of the show, get to judge who wins but the added bonus is that they have a way for the public to vote as well.

I do like the fact that not only do you get to see Reality TV in a new way. You also get the added bonus of this show pulling in creative people to interview. It’s called "Exceptional Guest" and these guest; from what I read are not just celebrities, but are also the average daily "Joe" who has a great concept they want to share. All around inspiring for sure, one of the best concepts I have seen in unscripted TV in a very long time.

So imagine this, you get to be a team, get your family involved and then put your collective thinking caps on so to speak and just make waves, show the world you are talented in all sorts of next level thinking. Then the icing on the cake is you get to WIN different prizes! Yes, I said different prizes, that range from money for school; help on product development, cash prizes and all sorts of stuff. I am hoping the prizes are like a secret but that is just my opinion. I like the suspense of being able to work for something and no matter what the outcome is winning an amazing prize. I almost forgot to mention, they even have a YouTube mini-series called "Agents of Success" and what I personally can’t wait to find out is who "Creativity" is. Kevin B. and Danna-Gift are agents looking for this guy and/or girl called "Creativity", and in the episode they are interviewing someone who has some information; possibly an informant to tell them the whereabouts or location of "Notorious Creativity". I saw the first ep sode and I am hooked because I personally think this informant is sending them on a wild goose chase but you didn’t hear it from me. Either way the best part is viewers get a chance to win and compete doing some really cool stuff. The competition; mentioned at the end, so you have to watch it all the way through, is where you learn what you have to do to compete. Listen, what is so cool about LMIH is they are taking all your greatest creative jarring concepts and just giving them to you on what I like to quote as a silver platter of delicious fun. Yup I said it, delicious fun!! So if you are interested in a TV show which offers a one stop shop of creative expression and competition where anyone can get involved, Let's Make it Happn TV Game Show is it. I know I will be tuning in! How about you? Tell me your feedback below and let me know if you like what they have to offer as well! Let your mind spend quality time with family like the old days and say bon appetite, let’s share in some tasty brain food.

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