Lessons from DCTED Apparel: How to Find the Right T-shirt Size?

Some brands of shirt have literally smaller sizes than others and this can be a predicament for many. Fashion experts at the DPCTED Apparel list down three important ways to find the right size of t shirts.

DPCTED Apparel is an All-American brand of apparel known for celebrating people’s diverse background and tantalizing features. To help people feel confident about their body, DPCTED Apparel is giving away some important tips to properly find the right size of t-shirt for everyone

These tips are especially important for buying clothes, especially bearded T-shirts, online since there is no way a t-shirt can be tried on prior to buying.

The best way to get the proper size of for a person is by measurement. In one brand, a person’s size might be Large. But for other brand his size might be XL. Finding the exact measurement of a person is the best way to find the right size of shirt. A person can easily compare his measurements to the sizes listed by t-shirt companies. The person must measure the circumference of his chest and compare this to the listed measurements on the shirt’s tag.

Another way to get the right size of bearded t-shirts is to compare on the size of an old t-shirts with the same brand. If the person has no means of measuring his chest size, a better alternative is to compare sizes. Not everyone has a measuring tape at home, thus, not everyone can properly get their measurement so easily. The second best way to get the right size of t-shirt is for the person to check out his old shirts from the same brand. This also works well for brands of t-shirts that are from the same company because more or less the company follows the same measurement for all of its brands.

Third, get the size that the person mostly buys. This is very important for people who buy from different stores and for people who are buying shirts that are to be given away as a gift. If there is no way to find the measurement, it is most prudent to settle for the size that the person buys most of the time. Look at the person’s wardrobe and check the size of majority of his t-shirts.

These are just some of the few tips from DPCTED Apparel on how to find the perfect size of bearded t-shirts. These are especially helpful for anyone who wishes to get t-shirts from DPCTED Apparel’s official website.

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