China - Ray Lighting, a leading LED lights manufacturer from China recently announced the launch of their new lighting products. The new products have been listed under the ‘New Arrivals’ section of the trading website of the company. The LED light manufacturers claimed that they have used cutting-edge technologies in manufacturing the products which are designed both for the wholesale market and the domestic and overseas retail market.

The recently launched products of Ray Lighting include LED flood lights, LED panel lights, LED high bay lights, LED tri-proof lights, LED corn light bulbs, LED PLC products and LED spotlight. The owners said that the products they have launched now are perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting as well as decorative lighting. In each of the categories, the China based manufacturer and exporter of quality lighting products now offers three or more different varieties of products which are specifically designed for interior designers and developers as well as individual purchasers.

Ray Lighting is a China based manufacturer of low-cost and environmentally sustainable lighting products that are designed for the future. The owners who were present at a recent press conference during the launch of their lighting products spoke at length about the future of LED lighting. The LED light manufacturers highlighted the benefits of using LED lights instead of incandescent lighting products.

“As our LED lighting products, and any LED lighting product for that matter, do not contain mercury or other harmful substances, there is no risk of contaminating the environment. We believe that the LED lighting products which we have manufactured and launched now will bring more options to the end users, who want to decorate their homes and offices in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. LED lighting can also be named as sustainable lighting”, said a top executive of the LED lighting manufacturing company while speaking at the press conference.

The newly launched products are not just energy-saving lighting products, but have great aesthetic qualities as well, as the owners claimed. They also added that they are ready to supply and export their lighting products to any part of the world, provided the minimum order quantity requirement is met by overseas dealers and retailers.

About the Company

Ray Lighting is a China based supplier and manufacturer of LED lights.

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