Moldova — For all Korean language enthusiasts, Fun Easy Learn now brings an interesting and exciting way to learn the language. The famous language learning apps developer has now created " Learn Korean 6000 Words " Android app, which is available on Google Play Store for free download. Any Android device user can download the app and start learning the Korean language in their free times.

The app has been planned and developed on the basis of self-learning concept and one doesn’t need the help of any instructor. Moreover, one doesn’t need to attend any classroom training either, but one needs to install the app on their Android device and can learn Korean at their own pace. The app includes 6000 words that have been chosen sensibly and by learning these words in a gradual manner, one would start gaining the language proficiency.

All the words included in the app are from different sectors and one can find substitute of each of the words in their native language. The app imparts learning at three levels of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, and one can learn 1000, 3000 and 6000 words in these levels respectively. By learning 6000 words, one can claim to have an advanced level of proficiency in the Korean language. A user can keep learning words in their free time, and the app allows a user to set One Word a Day Notification to learn a new Korean word on a daily basis. This gives them the desired level of flexibility and makes language learning simple and effective.

The app has been designed to offer a beautiful experience with visuals and audios. Each word accompanies beautiful images that help understand the meaning of the words. One can listen to the words and can write them to develop a better pronunciation of the words and also the Korean speaking skills. All the words have been included from various sectors that are more commonly used in the daily communication. By learning these words, one can remain assured of understanding, speaking and writing Korean in a better manner. To learn more about the app and in order to download it, one may follow the link

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Fun Easy Learn is a Moldova based company that helps people in learning different languages in a fun and easy way by means of interactive apps. The company has a highly qualified team of developers who develop high-quality and feature-rich educational apps.

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