March 19, 2013 — A new web platform for college students is now available those attending Northeastern University. Explorite is a free online social marketplace that offers college students a place to buy, sell or trade books and college related items. Plus, Explorite offers a classified section to find roommates, car pooling opportunities, off-campus apartments and employment opportunities for college or university students.

Created by Adi Pellumbi, a computer science alumnus from Salem State University in Massachusetts, Explorite was launched on October 3rd, 2012 and is expanding its services campus by campus. Essentially, Explorite is a platform for students that helps expand the traditional marketplace to other campuses around the country. Instead of being limited to the campus website or bulletin boards, Explorite allows college and university students to communicate to those on other campuses. The services of Explorite are free and only a short registration form is needed to be filled out. By expanding the number of students who have access to a single website, Explorite expands the possibilities of students finding, trading or selling college-related items. Furthermore, students in need of roommates, off-campus apartments, and car pooling and employment opportunities can find more possibilities with Explorite.

While the student marketplace at Northeastern University is considerable, Explorite adds other colleges and universities to expand the opportunities. For example, a student who wishes to find a particular textbook is limited to either purchasing it from the university bookstore, off-campus outlets or from other students at the university. Explorite opens up the possibilities by allowing students to purchase the textbook from other students or even trading their old textbooks or other items for it. Plus, students can even agree to share textbooks as well. This means that a student might get to use a textbook for free instead of paying a considerable amount of money otherwise. It must be noted that Explorite does not handle purchases or sales, but instead facilitates the communication between students in how they handle the transaction. This expansion of the marketplace for Northeastern University students means that they can potentially save hundreds of dollars on textbooks and other college-related items through Explorite.

In the college marketplace, there are many items that go beyond textbooks. School supplies such as backpacks, organizers, calculators and even computers and more can be purchased, traded or shared on Explorite. Beyond the traditional school supplies, Explorite can also help students find furniture for their apartments or rooms as well. Explorite does offer a basic guideline that must be followed. However, these rules are simple and easy to follow, allowing students to communicate effectively with each other. Explorite literally expands the marketplace for college students which in turn expand their opportunities and possibilities as well.

From finding employment, car pooling, apartments and roommates to buying, selling, trading or sharing school items, Explorite expands the possibilities for Northeastern University students and can help save them a considerable amount of money.

For those interested in learning more about the expansion of the student marketplace for those attending Northeastern University, please go to this website. There is no fee to use the services of Explorite.

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