Jan 22, 2013 — Responding to your desire to run faster, Tyler Stolting wrote a wonderful book Run Faster With Less Effort: The Essential Guide to Improving the Way You Run in as Little as 60 Days” teaching you many techniques that are hands-down more effective than other books on teaching you how to run faster. There are many books about how you can run faster but very few explain how to make running effortless while still helping you get faster. This book has been written after a lot of research about different types of training and techniques. Whether you have run many races or you have just started running, there is something in this book that you can learn. There are many types of strategies in this book like improving your technique, injury prevention, and tactics you can use to help you effortlessly run faster.

This book covers many important issues like how to improve your running form. If you want to run faster you need to work on improving how you run first. The book discusses these issues relating to ‘running form’ to a great extent. The writer has put together many strategies to help work on your form so that you can improve your speed.

Basically runners have a good chance of getting injured if they are not running properly. Most injuries can be prevented if you work on improving the way you run. This book deals with a wide range of ways that you can prevent running injuries. Most of the injuries occur due to errors in training and one of the main reasons is malignant. This book connotes very useful insights about how to warm up and stretch properly plus lots of other strategies.

The writer also talks about many useful techniques to help you learn how to run faster without increasing the amount of effort that is required. He goes over some very useful tactics to help you run faster like strength training exercises that don’t even require a gym and how to breathe properly so that your muscles are getting the oxygen that they need. There truly is something for every runner in the book “Run Faster With Less Effort” by Tyler Stolting.

You can find this book online on the Amazon Kindle at: http://www.amazon.com/Faster-With-Less-Effort-ebook/dp/B00AXHUEI8

For more information refer to his last press release on how to run faster.