USA - German language learning addicts can now boast of faster learning with two brand new features being introduced in the much loved e-learning app- Learn German 5000 Phrases. The app developed by one of the most renowned development firms, Fun Easy Learn has secured high ratings from users at the Google Play Store. By introducing two new features in the current version, learners can enjoy mastering everyday German phrases.

As per the developers, the Speech Recognition feature will help prospective learners to rely on auditory learning. Listening to the exact pronunciation of words used in the phrases can make them learn those in an enjoyable way. Also, the Slow Play mode will prove beneficial for both minors and adults to repeatedly listen to the pronunciation and accelerate the process of speaking the foreign language. “We know that German is not in everyone’s territory, so we have deliberately kept the app feature-rich, this time by bringing two new attributes that will change the overall experience to Learn German Phrasebook Phrases ,” said a developer at Fun Easy Learn.

The research team of the company has maintained a rich database of words used in everyday situations. With every German word used in print, the phonetic transcriptions and illustrating images will only help in making Learn German relatively easy, as compared to dictionaries and coaching classes. Developers are hopeful that users can achieve near-native fluency after a point of time of using the app on their devices.

“Our app allows translation of the German phrases into an array of languages. So you can take your pick from the lot and thereby Learn German in the shortest time possible. Our challenge lies in instilling fun while learning and we have been successful in it. The two features will further that,” said the developer who was earlier available for comment during the formal updating of the app.

The app is however restricted to Android users only. One click at the free download button and it can be installed for free from the Google marketplace. Users can also expect to interact with fellow learner and engage in a host of games for better learning.

About the Company

Learn German 5000 Phrases is an effective e-learning app from Fun easy Learn.

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