Ann Arbor, Michigan - Anaka Jones, a young writer, has announced the recent release of her new book “The Night Horses” on the Amazon Store ( Created to provide children with an easily comprehensible yet endlessly engaging storytelling experience, The Night Horses mixes reality and fantasy to showcase the playful and humorous side of rural life. This dynamic book was created specifically for young children still developing their reading skills as well as parents reading to their young children. Sporting colorful illustrations, interactive story elements, it comes as little wonder that The Night Horses has been embraced by savvy parents. The Night Horses is available on the Amazon Store in the Book category for $11.99 as well as in the Kindle Store category for $9.99. The iBook and Nook versions of The Night Horses are also coming in the next few weeks.

Created for children and written by sixth grade student Anaka Jones, The Night Horses is straightforward and easily accessible for children as young as 3 to 6 years old. This Book invites children into the world of horses and describes their daily life, their activities and their hard work. Young readers will learn more about the mare May and her full of energy friend Cloud, the inseparable married couple Frisco and Bella, and other members of the horse farm community.

When people leave the farm in the evening, horses start their secret nightlife and turn the farm into their own little three-ring circus. Some horses get out a Disco Ball and start dancing, some play cards using feed buckets as a chairs, some play spa and do each other’s manes and hooves.

The Night Horses is a perfect solution for parents who want their children to experience the story’s allure with all of the added benefits and interactive appeal of the Kindle Fire unique digital platform. The Night Horses stays true to its essence with clear and simple language and vivid illustrations to engage and teach early readers. Don’t hesitate to show your kids how fun learning about life of horses can be with The Night Horses.

About the Author:

Anaka Jones was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she lives with her parents, two older brothers, two dogs, a lizard and a frog. You can purchase “The Night Horses” here:

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