August 27, 2013: Representatives with LeanCor announced today that its Network Design Project is capable of reducing on-hand inventory by 53 percent.

“Our LeanCor Network Design Project saves customers $500,000 in total logistics cost, but what’s really exciting about this is that more savings are still to be uncovered,” a spokesman for LeanCor said.

LeanCor, according to the company spokesman, is a trusted partner for implementing end-to-end supply chain performance. 

Global organizations leverage LeanCor to develop vision and strategy deployment plans for improvement in all supply chain functions. 

These include transportation and warehousing, materials and inventory management, and the implementation of lean principles across the entire value stream.

As for the results of LeanCor’s Network Design Project, representatives with End to End Value Stream Initiative, a Fortune 500 customer, gave it two thumbs up.

“We captured more than 85,000 in phase one by reducing cross shipments and cycle inventory,” an End to End Value Stream Initiative spokesman pointed out, before adding, “In phase two, we expect to capture incremental savings of $436,000.”

LeanCor, which recently teamed up and began working with SEO Pledge, a New York SEO company, integrated lean logistics into this customer’s supply chain to increase order velocity, reduce inventory, and reduce total logistics cost.

A Sr. Supply Chain Manager for Heating and Cooling System Manufacturer, added that their company also experienced great results.

“We were able to develop an implementation plan on packaging that should lead to increased customer satisfaction, reduced freight damage, significantly less variation in the number of packaging configuration with the strong probability of reduced packaging costs.”

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