03, December 2016: Newcomer and veteran vapers alike are getting an early Christmas this year, as one of the world’s most respected and innovative brands has announced a new line of exotic e-liquids to be released as they debut on the Australian market this year.

Liberty Flights, the U.K.-based manufacturer responsible for bringing e-cigarettes and related supplies into the mainstream across the EU, have released details on the new fast shipping deals set to put their high-grade products directly into the hands of Australian vapers.The renowned brand is also putting all of their products at a 10% discount through their online store over the Christmas period, encouraging customers to shop with the discount code “VOYAGE10” until December 26th, 2016.

The extensive range of e-liquids offered by Liberty Flights would significantly expand the options available to Australians, featuring the highest quality of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and appearing in tobacco flavoured, menthol, mint, sweet, and other blends. The wide variety of e-liquids which can be sampled is a significant part of the attraction of e-cigarettes for many users, so this news is expected to trigger a surge in the local popularity of the pastime.

“Fantastic Voyage” Offers All-New Experiences for E-Cig Users Worldwide

Liberty Flights have also made waves in the vaping community with their announcement of a new, exotic range of e-liquids, “Fantastic Voyage”.

Designed to provide a multi-part sensory experience as well as introducing new and complex flavours to the Liberty Flights catalogue, these e-liquids will also be VG-heavy, with a 75%-25% ratio of vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol.

E-liquids with a high VG content such as these are the best fit for modern sub-ohm vaping devices, and have a lower concentration of nicotine (0.3% to 0.6% for most flavours). They are slightly sweet, with a less intense throat hit, allowing for smoother inhales for most vapers. They also produce much more vapour for those who appreciate the look or feel of big clouds.

The Fantastic Voyage range will add to Liberty Flights’ already impressive selection of “XO” branded e-liquids with high VG content. Building on the sweet and fruity tones of those products, the 4 new flavours which make up Fantastic Voyage combine to embody the story of a post-apocalyptic quest to find new life in a world made strange. The e-liquids — christened Maiden Voyage, Diamond Dust, Wanderlust and Paradise Found — incorporate an ambitious blend of tropical fruits, custards, and vanillas for an exotic, dessert feel. Available as 0.3% to 0.6% nicotine strength in 30ml and soon 10ml bottles, these pioneering flavours promise a landmark vaping experience, whether tasted alone or in medley.

The Fantastic Voyage and XO brands of VG-heavy e-liquid will be available to Australian customers online along with Liberty Flights’ award-winning e-cigarettes via www.liberty-flights.com.au. The “VOYAGE10” discount code will give 10% off the price of these new products as well, presenting a great opportunity to vapers looking to pick them up on release.

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