(Free Press Release) Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Orange County, CA. He is announcing the launch of a new website for his practice, Orange County Nose & Sinus Center, which is devoted to providing patients with educational information about nasal diseases as well as aesthetic nasal surgeries such as rhinoplasty.

Newport Beach, CA — June 23, 2011 -- Getting published in a premier medical journal is one thing. Having peers clamor to symposium to learn about the latest surgical techniques is quite another. Dr. Kevin Sadati has both. Dr. Sadati, a board certified facial plastic surgeon who works out of the Newport Beach Centres for Surgery in Orange County has brought his expertise in rhinoplasty and nasal surgery to the Web.

His new website, OrangeCountyNoseJob.com  is an innovative, user-friendly portal dedicated to educating his patients and prospects about the art of the nose job.

"Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons today and patients have a lot of choices," says Dr. Sadati. "This site will help patients make an informed decision about what to expect from the procedure and how to choose the right doctor."

There is more information available to us now than at any other time in our history.  Information is plentiful, readily accessible, and also highly fragmented. People searching for answers on plastic surgery require authoritative expertise and the convenience of one web portal.

That's what OrangeCountyNoseJob.com was designed to be: a one-stop-shop for prospective nose job candidates.  The clean site development lends itself to easy navigation and Dr. Sadati presents the procedures and recovery expectations in clear, plain language.

Everything you would want to know about Rhinoplasty surgery can be found within the pages of this site, including:
* Videos

* Before and after photos of actual patients (http://www.orangecountynosejob.com/before-and-after.html)

* Blogs

* Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ocnosejob)

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