Leading companies and Senior Government officials from Israel and UK host Vibrant Gujarat Delegation from India

  • Discussions to establish an association between Gujarat Government, UK and Israel business community
  • Focus  on increasing collaboration with Indian companies
  • Academic collaboration with Tel Aviv University 


New Delhi, August 2016: Israel and United Kingdom (UK) extended a warm welcome to the visiting Vibrant Gujarat delegation from India. The meeting of the delegation in both countries focused on connecting businesses between the UK, Israel and the state of Gujarat in India with focus on manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, infrastructure systems, cities and transport systems to name a few.


The Vibrant Gujarat delegates discussed possible investment synergies in start-ups between Israel and Gujarat, emphasizing on implementation of IT in academia, solar technology, agriculture sector and possible collaboration in the area of Defense, Technology and R&D.  Furthermore, an academic collaboration with Tel Aviv University was discussed and deliberated upon, during the visit of the delegation the university.


Israel Innovation Authority in Tel Aviv met officials from the Vibrant Gujarat Delegation with keen interest and extended their services and support in the form of financial assistance, support for entrepreneurs and early stage companies, support from traditional and hi-tech companies, and collaboration in academics with the state of Gujarat.


Several meetings were held with private, multi-billion dollar companies such as Israel Aerospace Industries, Tahal and Mobileye discussing varied subjects ranging from collaboration of knowledge, enabling policies in a stable environment in Gujarat, potential partnership opportunities and participation opportunities at the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017.


In UK, a roadshow was held in London to a packed audience comprising of members from the business community, academicians and others. Discussions were held on crowd funding initiatives and institutional structure for incubation and startups connections. Innovative UK shared their experience of working for the development of solar fuel cells along with automotive hybrid and electric vehicles.


Manchester’s Investment and Development Agency (MIDAS) representatives met officials from the Vibrant Gujarat Delegation with keen interest and extended their services and support in the form of collaboration in IoT, Advance Manufacturing, Technology and ICT sectors in the state of Gujarat.


The Vibrant Gujarat delegation also visited Salford University, Department of Climate Change which showcased retrofitting of equipment’s that enable energy efficiency and can be replicated by Gujarat.


Mrs. Mamta Verma, IAS, Government of Gujarat, Industries Commissioner said “The UK has greeted us amazingly and it is a combination of good governance, political stability and focus on development of robust physical and social infrastructure. The Gujarat state has not just focused on getting anchor investors, the intention always has been on the development of an enabling ecosystem for facilitating forward/backward linkages, exports. The State Government encourages private sector and foreign investors in funding/co-financing and developing of infrastructure projects. The state has immense potential in solar and wind energy, with a potential of 69,000 MW and 10,000 MW respectively, and most of it has been vastly untapped.” 


She further added, “The outcome of our visit to Israel has also been very positive, especially in the startup and innovation sectors. We have received very encouraging response from everyone we met in Israel, and we are really looking forward to a fruitful collaboration, leading to a successful Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017”.


Kiritkumar H Patel, CEO, Urmi Solar Systems Ltd., Member of Vibrant Gujarat delegation said, "UK has a good innovation in renewable energy. They also have done work in gas based equipment. UK has good penetration of rooftop solar across villages as well. Given that we in Gujarat and at Urmi Solar see a lot of opportunity in collaborating with them."


MrVikasNath, CEO — UK and Europe, Adani Global PTE Ltd. Member of Vibrant Gujarat delegation, added, “We have had excellent meetings with companies having interest in financial services, technology, manufacturing and ICT based industries. The scope for collaboration is immense, and the time has never been better for Gujarat to capitalize on business opportunities from the UK”.


Mr Sunil Parekh of Zydus Group and a senior member of the delegation added, “We have had excellent meetings in the area of startup and tech innovations, water-based solutions and aerospace and defense collaboration. The spectrum for collaboration with Israel and UK is massive.”


About Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit:

The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, which started in 2003 to rekindle the pace of investments in the state, has since established itself as the most important business events in the country. Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is an example of the visionary approach of the Government of Gujarat towards inclusive and sustainable development by ensuring policy coherence and effective investment promotion. Far from the regional investment fair that characterized the first Summit in 2003, the biennial Summit has today become a unique forum for ideation, knowledge sharing, networking, explore business opportunities, sign cooperation agreements and partnerships, while setting the policy agenda to meet some of the current national challenges.

Having successfully organized seven constructive summits, Government of Gujarat, as part of its journey towards sustainable long-term growth and inclusive development is organizing the 8th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit from the 10th to 13th of January 2017 at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar. The Summit will bring together Heads of States and Governments, Ministers, executives from the corporate world, senior policy makers, heads of international institutions and academia from around the world to further the cause of development and promote cooperation.