The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) has been amended to require every product that comes in contact with drinking water to have no more than .25% lead content of all wetted parts using a surface based on averaging formula starting January 4th 2014. 

President Obama signed a the law “Reduction of Lead in Driving Water Act” in 2011, as it relates to pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings and fixtures. This new lead-free law will also apply to a wide variety of products used in water distribution systems. 

Although this law is just going into effect on a national scale, people in the plumbing industry, like HMS Plumbing, have been preparing for this shift since the Act was signed two years ago. Herve, owner of HMS Plumbing in northern Virginia said that he has been slowly integrating lead-free products into his customer’s homes. “I don’t want for people to have to replace their pipes all at once, so it is easier to just do it bit by bit whenever they have an appointment.” 

Lead-free products however, are typically more expensive than leaded products, which might often tempt some contractors and customers to push the deadline as they work on projects through 2013. This is not the best plan however, because these companies will need to get rid of any of these leaded fixtures and pipes as 2014 approaches. Most companies luckily have been offering pricing on both leaded and no-lead products to ensure that they are safe in January. 

Plumbing companies like HMS plumbing, will not be the only ones affected by this new Act. Anyone in the supply chain will have to adjust, like manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. This is one of the biggest adjustments that anyone in the plumbing industry will have seen. 

There are few products that are specifically excluded from he lead rule, those used exclusively for non-potable projects like manufacturing and industrial processing, but for the most part, this law will revolutionize the plumbing service industry from all angles. 

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