USA; 07, December 2015: Le Web, an emerging industry leader committed to helping consumers enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, announced today the launch and availability of its product on the website — Broyeur hand crank coffee grinder.

Built with a professional-grade ceramic conical burr, this hand crank coffee grinder is built to heighten flavors of the world’s most exquisite coffees, and it produces a consistent grind size with minimal effort, regardless of how coarse or fine an individual wants the grounds.

The grinder is extremely easy to operate and easy to clean. It possesses a heavy duty extra-long handle crank for good leverage and for smooth and easy grind. This hand crank coffee grinder that can fit neatly into an Aeropress and Espresso Maker can be found on

The handheld device is completely manually powered and assisted by a cutting-edge hand crank mechanism that eliminates over 90% of the noise produced by electric grinders. The built-in adjustable grind selector offers over a dozen settings, giving the user complete control over how fine or course they desire their coffee to be.

With the implementation of rugged and long-lasting ceramic parts, the burr grinding mechanism within the manual coffee grinder is rated to last and stay sharper five-times the lifespan of stainless steel.

The product is presently enjoying loads of positive reviews on One of the satisfied users says;

“I love the compact feel and nature of this grinder. It grinds the beans effectively and with less effort than I expected. The included brush cleans the burr quite effectively.”

“A must have for any true coffee lover. I have been brewing the best tasting coffee I have ever made since purchasing this grinder” says another happy buyer.

Amazon shoppers can purchase this perfect hand crank coffee grinder for $16.95, and for a limited time only, buyers enjoy the following while it lasts;

- A free 23-page coffee recipes guide
- A complete guide on how to use and maintain the Broyeur Burr Grinder
- A handy grinding guide
- Two complimentary accessories; a waterproof bag and a cleaning brush

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