LayerOnline Web Hosting has recently announced the availability of their NTP DDOS Protection service to its web hosting customers. NTP DDOS Protection is now an integral part of LayerOnline’s flagship DDOS Protection hosting platform, which protect LayerOnline web hosting customers from all kinds of DDOS attacks. The DDOS Protected web hosting will be safe, fast and reliable with unlimited SSD RAID space and bandwidth. Existing LayerOnline customers will now be enjoying a much safer web hosting service without additional charges.

NTP is a very important network service which keeps the server’s clock in sync with atomic clocks around the world. LayerOnline uses NTP for its services such as secure two-factor authentication for user logins as well as scheduling tasks.

Recently NTP amplification DDOS attack has been a real problem and threat to online businesses, with many incidents which taken a number of well-known websites down, such as MeetUp. NTP amplification attack is mainly caused by open DNS resolvers which are used as botnet to send massive traffic to victim’s server. LayerOnline’s NTP DDOS Protection is able to stop such attack and protect its user websites against such threat.

LayerOnline’s DDOS Protection not only protects its users from NTP amplification attacks, it also offers DNS amplification DDOS attack protection, which is similar to NTP attack but with a different service. LayerOnline uses AnyCast DNS Nameservers, which one nameserver IP is shared by many nameservers around the world. Whichever closest to the requestor answers the DNS query. AnyCast nameservers simplifies client-side nameserver configuration while at the same time provide maximum performance and protection against DNS DDOS attacks. LayerOnline’s AnyCast DNS nameservers are also able to filter out all malicious DNS amplification attack traffic in real-time and allow legitimate DNS queries to go thru.

After LayerOnline’s announcement of NTP DDOS Protection, website owners and blogger have greatly praised the initiative of introducing NTP DDOS Protection, Scott Johnson, a blogger shared:

“I am very excited that LayerOnline is providing NTP DDOS protection for our websites as a standard service. Any downtime to our website means loss of lots of money and as regular users we are helpless against all those DDOS attacks. Thanks to LayerOnline, who is able to protect us from all those online threats without us doing anything.”

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