USA - Maybe most of beauties do not believe that the Autologous fat, autologous blood and the autologous stem cell could be used for eliminating the wrinkle on their face and other parts of the body. However, after long time of extensive research, the new wrinkle eliminating technology laViv autologous fibroblast therapies has been created.

As the introduction from website mylaviv, U.S. Food and Drug Administration which is also known as FDA has formally approved mylaviv laViv body fibroblasts therapy. Since then, laViv autologous fibroblasts therapy has thus become the first and currently the only autologous cells beauty therapy which was approved by U.S. FDA. The charger from website introduced that laViv is one kind of soft tissue irritation which is extracted from the surgeon own skin. For beauties who do not like the collagen injections or other non-natural substances, the laviv would be a very popular wrinkle solution.

With using the autologous cells of each beauty, doctors can help them soft and eliminate the annoying smile lines and skin wrinkle step by step. However, the ¡°step by step¡± means that this is a long term project. Now, the technician from website mylaviv will tell people the entire application process of this technology.

First, doctors will remove a small amount or part of skin from the body of the surgeon. Secondly, the removed skin will be sent to a special laboratory for culture and propagation for three months. Thirdly, the finished cells will be finally extracted and transported to the clinic for injections for many times.

However, most of beauties could not bear with such long term of injection. Many people still chase the traditional method which refers to the injection of chemical substances. Frankly speaking, the traditional methods mean the bog risk of life! That is why this article recommends the laviv method.

The expert from mylaviv pointed out that this new method could not cause the allergic reactions. However, there is no perfect thing around the world. The biggest problem of this new method should be the technology for extracting preparation cells. The only side effect is that the survival time of these cells are very short and the injected part will have the phenomenon of swelling, bruising and other adverse reactions. However, all phenomenon above is only very little problem and each beauty could set their mind at rest.

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LAVIV should be the first and only FDA-approved treatment that uses your own collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts) to improve the look of your smile lines¡ªfor results that are uniquely you. Please view website to get more information about this.