Chicago, Illinois — For those seeking assistance with marketing, social media, content management, web site content, promotion and search-engine optimization, a one-stop resources for all your needs is opening its doors in greater Chicago. Or shall we say, launching through its doors?

Kristi Carter is chief executive officer of Launchevity, a new all-purpose branding and marketing firm which features talented and experienced professional specialists who are available to work with every aspect of marketing strategies to ensure the success of businesses and their brands. Clients do not pay until successful completion of tasks, and Launchevity staffers will work with clients until the work is satisfactory.

“Our goal is to market businesses and establish brands without requiring businesses to hire or train new staff,” Carter said. “We care about the success of our client businesses almost as much as our clients, and we have assembled a great team of specialists that will launch our clients into the stratosphere when it comes to their branding and marketing. We are excited to provide our expertise to ambitious businesses in Chicago, the state of Illinois and across the country.”

Launchevity does not require contracts to sign or membership fees for clients — the work is at-will according to a package selected by the client. Clients will be involved in every step of the process of creating a marketing or branding campaign, and clients can reach Launchevity by fax, e-mail or phone according to client convenience, and the firm’s experts can begin work on a program within 24 hours.

Launchevity has professionals in specialized areas like website design, website content, social media, public relations/promotion, search-engine optimization and market research data. Businesses can choose packages that include a little of everything, or a la carte options are available.

“We know that most businesses fail, and one of the top reasons for failure is a lack of proper promotion,” Carter said. “We have the personnel and creative ideas to help improve the chances of an entrepreneur’s success in business, and even lauching them forward and providing them longevity in brand recognition.”

For additional information, please visit the snazzy website at

Kristi P. Carter, CEO