Chicago — Launchevity, the brand-spanking-new marketing and promotions firm based in Chicago, is opening its doors by offering a free comprehensive marketing analysis for businesses. The service was announced by Launchevity CEO Kristi P. Carter.

“We are excited to be providing free access to our marketing and promotions experts to those businesses who are looking to improve their marketing efforts and develop a strong, recognizable brand in their market segment,” Carter said. “Our specialists are happy to look over a company’s entire marketing strategy from top to bottom and provide advice and an honest assesment. We want all businesses to succeed in marketing and brand development, and we believe we can help in that regard.”

Launchevity’s team of experienced, professional specialists will conduct a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of a company’s marketing and promotion strategy. Launchevity has professionals in website design, website content, social media, public relations and promotions, search-engine optimization and market research data. Each of these areas will be analyzed and appropriate advice and counsel will be provided to make the strategy take off and move a company’s brand into orbit around the public’s consciousness.

“There are many strategies that business owners can use to drive traffic and rank highly in earch engines,” Carter said, “but first a company must identify any potential difficulties, examine what the competition is doing well and develop creative strategies to increase a company’s creative edge. Launchevity can provide that analysis and give our clients that edge, and we are excited to help any business succeed that wants to go to another level.”

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Kristi P. Carter, CEO