Khobar, Saudi Arabia - March 2016: Everyday businesses continue to innovate and reveal new technologies. There is a need to adapt and manage change in this ever transforming technological age.

To help businesses in Saudi Arabia to stay ahead, a company providing innovative professional IT solutions has been launched in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The company called RAQMYA, is committed to help fast-growing companies and startups in Saudi Arabia to build connections, implement innovative technologies, and improve their business processes. It specializes in Cloud Technology, Mobility, Data Management, Automation and Threat Management.

Raqmya is also happy to announce that they have joined hands with IBM, technology giant, as a supporting partner. Also it has signed Deep Identity, a UK based software company, as their exclusive partner in Saudi Arabia.

This venture is a result of Saudi-British Joint Business Council's effort. The Governor of the Eastern Region is fully supporting the promotion of SMEs in the region and Raqmya is surely a brilliant example. KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute has also endorsed their direct support.

Raqmya places high value in its philosophy. It believes in the power of numbers and the digital age that we are in. Its inspiration comes from Muslims’ contribution to Mathematics.

The company’s intelligent IT solutions will transform businesses and create new opportunities for productivity and innovation. Raqmya is committed to social development & economic growth and determined to be the technology hub for GCC region.

A professional IT Solutions Provider in Saudi Arabia committed to help startups and fast-growing companies to implement innovative technologies, build connections and improve business processes. Digital business transformation is creating new opportunities and risks both. Raqmya helps enterprises transform and thrive in this changing world.

For more information, simply visit:

Company: RAQMYA
Headquarters: Alsuwaidi Tower - 3rd floor King Saud Rd.
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +966 138064611
Submitted by: Jamie White
Khobar, Saudi Arabia