The Myths and Legends Magazine iPad app has launched featuring primarily free issues.

Myths And Legends Magazine is an online iPad App with articles covering various legends such as:

- Vampires
- Werewolves
- Greek gods
- Norse gods
- Yeti
- Chupacabra

The magazine contains embedded hyperlinks so that additional information can be found in the weblinks at the end of the articles.

The app can be downloaded for free at:

Article Submissions

Myths and Legends is now accepting article submissions from writers . We are looking for researchers and writers to submit their stories and research in an easy-to-read style. We’ll format the article and add images as needed.

Writers are enouraged to submit articles as outlined at

to receive an biography and 2 backlinks at the end of the article.

Below are just a few of the topics we are interested in.

- Loch Ness Monster
- Bigfoot
- El Dorado
- Chupacabra

Simply submit your proposals to [email protected]

Visit us today at:
email: [email protected]