UK health supplements company Target Health Supplements is promoting the benefits of flushing out toxins and boosing the immune system after a very hard winter

Target Health Supplements today announces the launch of its Colon Cleanse & Detox Health Supplement capsules. There has been extensive research lately into the positive effects of body detoxifying on the immune system and general well-being, and it is undeniable that flushing out toxins with some key natural ingredients can provide a substantial health boost.  This has created huge demand for colon cleanse capsules in the health and supplements market, as people embrace this natural and safe boost to their health.

In response to this trend, Target Health Supplements have launched Colon Cleanse & Detox, which stands apart from other detox supplements because it contains 14 immune-system-boosting natural ingredients such as aloe vera, cranberry extract, psyllium husk, aniseed, liquorice root extract, sea buckthorn and gentian root extract, among many others.

This product is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. Michael Parker, CEO of Target Health Supplements states: "We are extremely proud of this British-made gem of a product. Detoxifying products have been proven to bring extensive benefits both to the body and the mind.  Few people know that taking a colon cleanse health supplement provides a powerful all-over tonic for the body. It can also give the liver a well-deserved rest, as the body is able to flush out all the pathogens that pose a threat to the body and create blockages."

He continues: "2015 has been an extraordinarily cold and harsh winter in the UK, with a proliferation of colds and viruses. Undertaking a complete body detox for a period of time is a safe and natural way to bolster the immune system ready for the Spring. By combining a natural detoxifying supplement with lots of water, and a healthy diet you can feel amazing in no time."

Online sales are expected to be favourable as the general population embraces healthier life choices. Colon Cleanse & Detox is available online nationwide, and once its success is proven, it will be rolled out to other European markets like Germany, France and Spain.

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