The leading edge version of esteemed flip book maker software, FlipBook Creator Pro reportedly supports dynamic button customization. FlipPageMaker, the ace digital magazine software developer firm has recently released an upgraded version of its FlipBook Creator Pro assuring engaging multimedia experience for the users.

According to the chief technician from FlipPageMaker, the new version of the FlipBook Creator Pro has been designed with all features from standard version of the pdf to flash page flip converter software along with many additional features. He stressed that these additional features would enable the users in creating stunning digital magazines, books, newsletters, brochures & other varied digital publications.

While speaking about their button customization facility, the firm spokesperson noted that “Add Button”provision of the software is now more efficient and powerful in the latest FlipBook Creator Professional application.

As per his reports, the new software version can be operated with a number of dynamic effects and the users can choose anyone of them to make the buttons all the more beautiful and attractive. “It’s good to inform here that our upgraded software version will allow you to define the flipbook caption & font freely”, revealed the spokesperson while discussing on the button customization features of FlipBook Creator Pro. “Then, the users here would be able to action option of button. The button is usually used for ¡®Open link’ or ¡®Go to page’. But with our new software you can even opt for ¡®No Action’ in case action isn’t required”, the company manager added in.

Speaking about the button customization feature in FlipBook Creator Professional, the manager of FlipPageMaker noted that the system permits its users to adjust button location & size with ease simply by dragging their computer mouse.

While asked on where to find the button customization feature in the software, the manager stated- “You will find the feature in the in-plug ¡®Flip Page Editor’ option in the FlipBook Creator Pro. This feature would be especially of great assistance for those interested in creating product-catalogue brochures. You can even add on purchase link”.

Other than the button customization feature, software allows users to embed video add on graphics as well as insert JavaScript into the created flipbooks. The flipbook created from FlipBook Creator Professional could be published on web or shared through social media sites, USB devices, CD/DVD & through email. The flipbook creator software is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows 7.

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