Vertical sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most effective weight loss procedures that work by limiting the amount of food stomach can accept. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is also known as — vertical sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and tube gastrectomy

The surgery entails stapling off and removal of over 85% of the stomach such that a small portion of the stomach is retained which leads to limitation of food intake thereby causing effective weight loss. Since there is no re-routing of the intestines, the surgery does not cause mal absorption of nutrients or any dumping.

Mechanism of action

Gastric Sleeve Surgery works through two effective weight loss mechanisms.

Restrictive mechanism — The surgery makes the stomach smaller so that a person feels full soon after eating the food. Thus the surgery restricts the amount of food stomach can accept and makes one eat less.

Hormonal mechanism — The fundus part of the stomach secretes hormone ghrelin which is removed with the removal of the fundus. Thus with disappearance of hormone ghrelin hunger pangs disappear which makes one eat lesser food and feel fuller soon.

The ideal candidates for gastric sleeve weight loss surgery have:

  • 100 pounds above ideal body weight
  • Over 80 pounds overweight along with life threatening obesity related problems such as — diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea
  • Failed non-surgical attempts for weight loss

Outcomes and Recovery after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A hospital stay of 2 — 3 days is required during which patient is monitored that he is recovering smoothly and has no post-operative complications. One can expect to lose over 50 to 80% of his excess body weight over a period of 6 - 12 months.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in India  

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is performed in India at some of the best hospitals and bariatric centers. The surgery is performed by the most renowned weight loss surgeons who are well known for their expertise and skills.

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in India is much less and cheaper than the cost of the surgery in western countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many other European countries.

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