16, October 2015: In a press conference held yesterday at the main headquarters in Tustin, California, L'Amour Skin Cream skincare brand exposed and explained that they use natural wheat protein to help the women users remedy skin issues and problems. “Because of this formulated component,” one L'Amour Skin Cream Review writer said in her post, “rejuvenating skin health is very doable.”

According to the company spokesperson, using the natural wheat protein, coupled by the application of QuSome delivery system, assures the users of this product with positive results. As a matter of fact, the spokesperson further elaborated, a lot of users have had already attested the efficacy of this skincare solution.

There are four basic aspects that this skincare solution tries to focus on. First, L'Amour Skin Cream diminishes wrinkles formation caused by aging and stress. Wrinkles are inevitable, but with proper cellular repair, their formation can be mitigated.

Second, it provides dramatic skin repair. Where does it root or come from? The main target of QuSome delivery is the cellular level, where the root cause of skin problems starts to flourish. “With this performance, rest assured that the users may enjoy it truly,” added the spokesperson.

Third, it restores skin smoothness. “After using this product, skin smoothness is dramatically restored,” says another L'Amour Skin Cream Reviews author.

Fourth, L'Amour Skin Cream counters against the impact of stress and UV rays. The two mentioned factors are external in nature. Somehow, their impact to the skin is unavoidable. “We formulated our product to address such issues affected by the external causes,” explained further the company.

Meanwhile, this product has an offered risk-free trial on its official website. The potential users could simply fill up a form and then submit it after completing the remaining procedures.

“There is no need to spend forthwith the hard-earned money, since the potential users could enjoy our trial program,” concluded the spokesperson.

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