The Stupa of Reconciliation is key in restoring the balance of the interpersonal, social, cultural, and environmental wounds to the jungles surrounding Lamas, Peru.  During the 1980’s and 1990’s, the inhabitants of this region suffered the devastating violence of Shining Path.  The Stupa of Reconciliation can create a protective barrier of sanity and positive energy in the face of aggression and destruction.  Since the traditional stupa is a representation of the enlightened mind of the Buddha, the Stupa of Reconciliation and a retreat center will have a powerful effect restoring balance to the people and area in the jungles of Lamas.

Under the direction of Lama Karma Chötso, resident teacher of Kagyu Shedrup Chöling, and the collaboration of the Kagyu Taryei Chöling Sangha, the Stupa of Reconciliation is to be built near Tarapoto, Peru.  Since 2013, a group of Buddhist practitioners of diverse traditions and their supporters have been working hard to build the Stupa of Reconciliation and a meditation center in Rumisapa, a district in Lamas, San Martin, Peru.

The stupa can have inconceivable and miraculous effects, such as:

- Ecological — Programs aimed at conservation and protection
- Social — A symbol and expression of the focused intention to give back the fruits of one’s greatest achievement in order to help others also realize their fullest potential
- Personal — Individual and group meditation areas, along with the blessing and power that is felt that purifies and enriches a person’s body and mind

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $5 to $7,500, including a blessed cord for protection, a small sacred tsatsa of Tara, Milarepa, Mangushri, Maitreya Tsatsa, a custom Mala which is handmade and blessed by Lama Karma Chötso, a Chenrezi, Buddha, or Tara statue, or a large Buddha Shakyamuni statue.  Visit the Kickstarter page for more details.

About the Stupa of Reconciliation:

The Stupa of Reconciliation is a stupa to be built in the jungle near Tarapoto, Peru, for the purpose of bringing healing and restoring balance to the area after years of devastating terrorism.

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