Lakhs set to visitJalorefor the magnificent opening of the
Shri Vishnu BhagwanDashaavtar Temple
~Temple to house ancient idols found in a hut in the village~
Jalore, Rajasthan - TheShri Vishnu BhagwanDashaavatarTemple of Jalore, which is hostinga five-day unique grand-opening ceremony starting on June 17, opened its doors to the public today, with elaborate poojas, aaratis, and constant chanting of mantras. The mission of the temple,the thought of which was initiateddecades ago, includes and it will facilitate worship, serenity and seva.
Commenting on the opening day of the event,His Royal Highness Maharaja DarbarSaheb of Sirohi and Mahotsav chairperson said:“It is a historic day for not just the local community, but Hindus across the world, and I express my gratitude to the people for supporting us in our initiative. Iam thrilled to announce and celebrate today that due to the efforts of the Sumer group and other well-wishers, the historic ancient idols have found a place at the gloriousDashaavatar temple in Jalore. The reinstatement of the temple engenders immense enthusiasm amidst the religious population participating actively in the grand event.”
Some of the head priests gracing the festivities and ceremonies on the first day of the mahotsav were ShrimanDharamdasJiMaharaj of Shri MahabtAkhilBhartiya Shri PanchNikhariAniAkhadaHanumangadhi - Ayodhya, Shri MahantGauri Shankar Das of RashtriyaMahasacheevAkhilBhartiya Shri Panch Nirvana AniAkharaHanumangadhi - Ayodhya, Mahant Shri Ramkripal Das Ji of MukhyaBaithakAkhilBhartiya Shri Panch Nirvana AniAkhara - CharanPadukaRamghat - Ayodhya, Shri Madhav Das JiMaharaj of Pradhan MantrivaishnavTraianiAkhada - Ayodhya and Shri MahantAwadh Bihari Das Ji of Shri Ram CharitraManasBhavanVibhishanKund - Ayodhya.
Speaking from the temple after the inaugural ceremony Mr. Deepak Shah, Director, Sumer Group said “These magnificent idols were found on June 8, 1984 and construction of the temple started 3 years back. I am really grateful to the priests and saints who have managed to take time out of their schedule and attend the five day long festivities at Nimboda village. We also plan to host a fair every year from June 20 and intend to make this an annual affair. This is truly a historic moment for us as it is the first time this has happened in Jalore. By using teachings in modern-day context, we can help the Hindu culture become more accessible to the villagers, devotees and well-wishers.”
The ceremonies on the first daydrew several head priests and religious dignitaries from the country, including ministers, politicians and the Maharaja of Sirohi, who chaired the Mahotsav. Hindu devotees paid their tributes and prayed during the celebrations at the Mahotsav.
In accordance with the joyous atmosphere, religious leaders urged that the mandir be used in a way to develop the spirituality and skills of people and to encourage them to visit and have a deeper understanding ofthe teachings of one of the greatest religions of the world.
Offeringsessions were broadcast to all units across the country. Specific instructions for attendance were made available through local priests and internet.In conjunction with the dedication of the temple, there will also be a cultural celebrations andbhajans throughout the five day celebrations.