London, November 6, 2013: MENASA art is the exclusive and rare art trend, particularly followed in the Middle East, North Africa and the South Asia. Lahd Gallery has been a pioneer in promoting the MENASA contemporary art since its very foundation in 2005, when the Saudi Arabian princess, H.H Princess Nauf Bendar Al Saud founded this gallery for the promotion of this particular art and to bring it to the mainstream. Today, the gallery showcases collections of several artists who are especially proficient in MENASA art and brings their latest collections from time to time. This month, the gallery features Asli Erel as the artist of the month and her collections are available for sale at the gallery. 

Asli is a pioneer in traditional Islamic arts that usually follows the Sufistic philosophy and this is the reason why her art pieces have a spiritual element that often touches the modern generation. She has great expertise in producing art works in woods, mats and canvas, and her traditional Turkish arts are always spectacular presentations that win over the hearts of the people. Seeing her artistic variations and exemplary styles, the Lahd Gallery decided to give her arts more focus and announces Asli as the artist of the month. One can view the glimpses of her art pieces on the E-gallery section and can admire her charismatic and vivid art presentations. 

The Lahd Gallery has always in the forefront of promoting emerging artists and bringing their unique art forms to the limelight. H.H Princess Nauf Bendar Al Saud believes in offering a platform to all budding artists who are promising and can play an important role in making the MENASA art form more popular. “We always welcome new women artists from the MENASA region. An artist, who is capable of leaving an undeniable mark on the human psyche with her exceptional artistic representation, can always be a part of The Lahd Gallery,” the Princess maintains. 

Besides Asli’s collections, there are several new arts created by the artist Anan Al-Olayan that are available in their new arrival section. Anan’s Malika collection is becoming very popular among the worldwide art collectors and there are a few pieces still left with them for an art lover to shop for them. Anyone, who is interested to learn more about the art gallery or want to buy some exclusive MENASA arts, can visit the website . 

About Lahd Gallery 

Lahd Gallery is founded by the Saudi Arabian princess, H.H Princess Nauf Bendar Al Saud in 2005. She has set up the gallery to provide a platform to the talented women artists from the Gulf. The gallery promotes emerging and established artists who have some unique talent in contemporary art works from the MENASA region (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia). 

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