From my view completely, Lacoste polo shirts always seem more expensive than other T-shirts.One of the reason,unbutton shirt seem less normal than button shirt.

Whether you need to wear a long sleeve polo shirt or a little shorter ones,many people may quarrel about it.No,there is no need.That all depend on you.

You can wear a white pant to match with your shirts,a pair of jeans also would be okay.If you really do not know how to go with them,just look at the pics to see models way of dressing.

Of course,you can also wear some shorts,for these hot days.

Another positive aspect of polo shirt is exactly about its fine colors.

Some standard polo shirts or some thing a little more interesting,it is alright.You can wear it with a lot of stuffs.

Personally,I pay much attention to the size of the polo shirt,cause I really do not want to get a extremely tight sleeve.

Think about it for a second,some colors of standard polo shirt always will make you like staff. It is better for you to get your own style.After wearing and washing for a few times,some may look horrible,obviously different from your first look of it. So try to get high quality Cheap Lacoste polo shirts.

Some one say,the band on the sleeve seems tight.Then it is better for you not to roll it up.
If the size of the shirt is too big,it just looks a kind of rough.However,a polo shirt typically is a little bigger and looser.