Laceeze recently announced the launch of its new product — the Laceeze sports band, in the United Kingdom. Designed to help sports people especially kids enjoy their fun, the sports band ensures that the laces of boots remain intact during activity.

The band is made from the molded silicon and has received accolades from different quarters since the launch of its prototype. Available for £7.99 the Laceeze sports band comes in six different colors to match any style.

Regarded as a revolutionary product, Laceeze sports band also comes in two different sizes to fit the wearer perfectly regardless of the size of the boot or training shoe. The band is also easy to use, requiring only a single tie lace knot.

As it ensures that laces remain undone regardless of the intensity of the exercise or activity, Laceeze ensures that kids and other such users enjoy their game without unnecessary stoppages.

The look of the band has also made it a fashion item amongst trendsetters, serving the double purpose of keeping laces intact and accessorizing the shoes.

As a recyclable product, Laceeze sports band ensures the environment is protected, even as the company contributes to the community through its grassroots sports support program.

About Laceeze

Laceeze Sports band is an innovation borne out of the desire to ensure kids enjoy playing their favourite sports like rugby, football, volleyball and tennis without the fear and frustration of their laces coming undone.

Laceeze Sports band is easy to use and available in different sizes and colours, ensuring that no one is left out of the fun and excitement.

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