United Kingdom; 05, July 2016: Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive. From common women to makeup gurus, all can rely on an outstanding range of cosmetics introduced by Labelle Makeup Company. The UK based company has unique products that can allow any woman to quickly transform their looks and style. They ship their products all around the world and UK based customers can qualify for free shipping for a minimum order of GBP 60.

According to the spokesperson of the company, these products have been developed as per the compliance with the cosmetic regulatory boards and are tested meticulously before sending into the market. They have the complete range of cosmetics for a woman to undergo a much-needed transformation and look gorgeous. Women customers can choose their Liquid Lipsticks and Matte Lipsticks for beautifying their lips. These lipsticks offer long-lasting effects and keep one’s lips beautiful for 4-8 hours without a need of applying lipstick again.

For eyes, the cosmetic company offers beautiful Mink Lashes that are 100% cruelty free and are made of high quality silk fibers. These lashes provide a fluffy and soft feel as lashes of the real mink. These lashes can be reused again and again and offer a trendy and hot style every time to a woman. The lashes are glueless and offer a real and natural look to a woman who dons it.

Besides offering cosmetics, Labelle also provides several types of makeup tools that are popular among beauty junkies and makeup gurus alike. One can choose their Beauty Blender, made of the softest quality sponge. Available in different shapes and colors, these blenders can allow a perfect blending of makeup, powder, blush etc all over the face. They also have Contour Palette that makes the entire contouring process easier and smoother. The makeup can be applied more efficiently with the help of the palette and it helps achieving the makeup perfection.

Labelle announces several types of special offers on its products from time to time, bringing discount deals for customers. To learn more about their products and take advantage of their special offers, one can visit the website http://www.labellemakeup.co.uk.

About Labelle Makeup Company:

Labelle Makeup UK is a Growing Beauty Brand based in the UK. The company is born out of the desire to satisfy makeup addictions of beauty junkies and guru's alike. They are trend-focused and are driven by the need to bridge the beauty gap in the UK by supplying and making available beauty products in demand. All their products have undergone all relevant testing, certification and have been documented with the relevant cosmetics regulatory boards.

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