Crewe, Cheshire, May 16th 2012 – Label Planet is pleased to announce that it is now offering higher commissions for School Fundraising and PTA Fundraising programs. With the Label Planet programs, schools and PTAs can earn up to 25 percent commission on their sales of STIKINS.

In these tough economic times, school fundraising has become a popular way for schools to get extra money for the items they need and the programs they want to provide to their students. But schools are not the only ones needing extra cash. Local PTA fundraising efforts have also become very popular. In both cases, these organizations need access to products that can really sell to the public; perhaps, even sell themselves as most school officials, students, and PTA members are not trained in sales. What to do?

One excellent option for school fundraising and PTA fundraising is available through Label Planet. They offer a variety of STIKINS name labels that are easy to sell, easy to order and easy to store. Some examples of these fast-moving labels include:

The NEW STIKINS® name labels. This easy to sell name label can be used for a variety of purposes for all kinds of school items. The product was launched in 2010 and because of its advanced vinyl labeling material it can be stuck onto the wash-care label of clothes, shoes, backpacks, notebooks, lunch items and just about anything else. The new STIKINS® labels have been fully tested by an independent laboratory using the BS ENISO 6330 wash test procedures for 30 washes at 40 degrees and passed with flying colors.

Label Planet also offers its original STIKINS® name labels. These come in assorted packs of name labels for all kinds of school items. This product was developed by Label Planet in 2003 and since then STIKINS® original name labels have been purchased and used by thousands of UK parents. The “H” shaped labels stick onto wash-care labels and are durable and easy to use.

For those who wish to participate in the Label Plant school fundraising or PTA fundraising programs enrolling is easy. Label Planet has set up online ordering and tracking that is simple to understand and easy to implement. And, now, Label Planet offers schools and PTAs the opportunity to earn commission by promoting their range of self adhesive name labels. 25 percent commission can be earned on sales.

As participating members, schools and PTAs can contact Label Planet for their unique reference number. Any orders that are subsequently placed quoting this number will trigger commission at 25 percent which is paid once a year in October.

Your school will be set up on the Label Planet system and authorized users will be given a password which will give them access to their account. This is conducted via a secure website into a live report that details the number of orders placed, the total value, and the total commission due to date.

To learn more about this exciting school fundraising and PTA fundraising program, visit the Label Planet website where complete information is available. Start earning extra cash now!