Medley, FL — La Caja China continues to develop cutting edge equipment and products that not only delight their customers, but provide them with the means to make the most delicious barbecue every time. Providing information about how to use their merchandise is a key objective to their business practice. Believing that their clients are served best when they use the equipment as intended, they feel it is important that they maintain a stream of contact and information both for feedback and client satisfaction.

Not only supplying commercial and residential equipment, they also offer seasonings and other products to enhance the flavor of their roasting capabilities. A corporation built from grass roots by entrepreneur Roberto Guerra, no expense is spared to satisfy those using any of the product lines or conveniences.

Keeping In Contact With Their Clients Is Key To Their Success

Not only does La Caja China pig roasters supply consumers with merchandise that helps to make quite arguably the most delectable barbecue available, they also give their clients the information needed to use the equipment effectively and offer other product lines to enhance the flavor of food. Attempting to maximize contact with their clients and foster a relationship with them, they are rolling out a new app for both smartphone and mobile users.

The new app is designed to give clients recipes, suggestions and detailed descriptions on how best to use the appliances. It aims to give up to date information about any new advances or changes on existing accessories, as well as unique developments. Their goal is to keep information fresh and new, outfitting the public with the knowledge needed to amplify the perfection of their products. This also gives the purchaser a way to stay atop their new advances and products for future procuring.

The app being developed by La Caja China this bbq grill company offers recipes, new product information and instructional videos that provide step by step guides to their product usage and any changes or updates to their product line. The best part is that it is completely free to those who download it. There is no cost to the consumer for its use. The app will be designed to be compatible with smartphones, ipads or any other mobile device. It supports all platforms from iPads to Androids, and is able to be exploited from any remote location. All the advice needed is available at the customer’s fingertips in an instant.

Contact information:
Media Contact Name: Avian Guerra (General Manager)
Name: La Caja China
Address: 7875 NW 77th Ave Medley, FL 33166
Phone: 305.888.1323
Email: [email protected]