Kurumba has earned a special place among universal tourist resorts for scuba diving. It has turned out to be one of the best places to visit in the Maldives Islands, both for local and international visitors.

Scuba diving is a very popular hobby among those who love to add adventure and thrill to their lives. It gives a person an opportunity to explore the marine life. There are numerous places in the world that offer scuba diving, but a few of them are prominent among them Kurumba Maldives is one of them.

Kurumba is a lavished yet an affordable beach resort that attracts thousands of tourists from across the world every year. Since its opening, the resort has remained a real treat for every person that ever visited there. It is not just a hotel to stay in, but a complete life exists on the beach. That is why it is called a resort: shopping, luxurious accommodation, enjoyment and scuba diving, all at a single place. Very few picnic resorts in the Maldives Islands offer spa retreat and fortunately, Kurumba is one of them. The feeling of entering the spa cannot be described in words, instead, one can realize the tranquility of the place by actually being there. There is a wide range of treatments available at the spa, including head and body massages, manicure, pedicure, etc. The resort is a hot spot for scuba diving too.

There are comprehensive arrangements for scuba diving at Kurumba. Tourists are firstly guided their way through the whole diving procedure. Afterwards, they are provided with all the necessary equipment for complete safety. Lifeguards are also there to tackle any emergency situation. The crystal clear water and lovely marine life in the depth offer divers a lot to explore and realize. Once a person enters into the mystery of the waters at Kurumba, he/she mentally remains in it for the rest of his/her life. The management at the Kurumba resort has gathered tremendous customer satisfaction and applaud so far. The burgeoning number of tourists every year is a proof that Kurumba is a place worth to spend money. The Kurumba administration has always remained on its toes in customer service and is determined to introduce new exciting services and packages in the coming days.

Kurumba is a tourist resort located in the Maldives Islands. It is one of the best places for friends and families to visit and lies among the world’s top picnic resorts. Its accommodation and dining services are matchless.
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