Kraft Heinz introduces the ‘New Best Ever Complan’


National, August, 2017: Complan, one of India’s most trusted and iconic brands, today announced the launch of a new brand philosophy and unveiled a tastier and more delicious, protein rich Complan. For several decades, Complan has been a trusted brand for millions of households across India and enjoys an inordinate brand equity amongst its consumers. In direction of its stated mission – ‘To be the Best Food Company Growing a Better World’,  The Kraft Heinz Company decided to go for a complete brand make-over by making the product significantly better on the top two consumer drivers of the MFD category – taste & nutrition. The New Best Ever Complan is significantly better on taste (confirmed by blind testing across India) & has significantly high quantity of the best quality protein.


And to further enhance the product ‘New Best Ever Complan’ is now also clinically proven to give 2X growth. The recipe is enriched with 34 pro-immunity nutrients like iron and calcium and one glass of Complan in milk has protein equivalent to two glasses of milk.


The iconic brand has always stood for better height for kids. With this relaunch, it strengthens its proposition with not just focusing on being tall, but also ‘Standing Tall’ – a new idea of success that is ‘UNSELFISH’. Success that is inclusive and takes others along – no longer a zero sum game. Complan, collaborates with mothers in raising a whole new generation of No. 1s that even the No. 1s look up to.  And this is summarized in the new brand philosophy -“Don’t Just Be Tall, Stand Tall”.


On the occasion of the launch, Niladri Deb, Managing Director of Kraft Heinz India said, “India faces a peculiar challenge of nutritional deficiency across children, which can impede the growth of the nation the most thus preventing kids from reaching their full potential. As a company known for delivering world class products, we constantly reinvent our brands to offer the best value for our consumers. Complan has been one of our key brands, and we felt we needed to enhance the brand offering to amplify the nutrition quotient and thus improve the reliability of the brand. Many months have gone behind putting together a newer, better, tastier Complan and we are extremely excited in launching it in our biggest market, West Bengal today. The brand philosophy for Complan is propagating the idea of success that is unselfish, inclusive and shared because when we enable others to succeed, success tastes even better.”

The event saw a performance by the Bangla band Chandrabindoo, known for its deep knowledge of popular culture, colloquial lyrics and references to current affairs. The band performed its special original composition for Complan, a song that highlighted the brand’s new philosophy on unselfish success and the joy that comes by sharing that success.

As title sponsors of ‘Dadagiri Season 7’ on Zee Bangla TV, Complan has a special surprise for viewers tuning in to the show that will telecast on August 12th and 13th. Participants from these special episodes were also present at the event. Sixteen-year-old Iqra Rasool, a Kashmiri girl who fought all odds to play professional cricket, was recognized as a perfect example of achieving success against the odds thereby establishing Complan’s new brand philosophy.


Speaking at the launch, Vikramjeet Singh CMO, Kraft Heinz India said,“Complan is an iconic brand that we have all known of as children. I’m a Complan Boy, I’m a Complan girl are iconic signatures of height growth in our country. It is our constant endeavor to provide consumers with the best product that delivers on what they are looking for – taste & nutrition. But we also believe that brands must have a purpose – something that our consumers can relate to and get inspired from. In this highly competitive world, parents are always looking out for ways that not just makes their kids grow well but also become better human beings. We believe that Complan’s new product & philosophy addresses that need. Our product delivers on both taste & nutrition in a never before way and our new POV on success will help our consumers & our country become a more inclusive growth society where success is not a zero sum game but a shared one.”


The New Best Ever Complan gives mothers a choice of yummy flavors like Royale Chocolate, Creamy Classic, Kesar Badam, Pista Badam, Rich Kulfi, Memory Badam Chocolate & Nutrigro Badam Kheer / Delicious chocolate / Creamy vanilla (for toddlers).