July 08, 2013: Knox Jewelers, a renowned name when it comes to offering unique engagement rings, today announced the launch of their new collection containing a range of faultless and premium options for those getting married. According to the sources, the latest designs go in accordance with the design language of the company and have the potential of making the event a memorable one. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the company said, “We are excited to introduce a few new designs in our line and aim to provide the best quality to clients across the globe.”

According to the sources, each piece by the company is custom made in accordance with the needs of the buyers in terms of fitting and weight among others and is the reason behind huge popularity of the company. The representative added, “Custom engagement rings set us apart from the competition. Each of the offering is made as per the customer. Bulk production on machines may go well for our rivals; however, we simply do not believe in the same.” 

Some of the unique engagement ring types offered by the company include Micro Pavé Engagement Rings, Hand Engraved Engagement Rings, Filigree Engagement Rings, Halo Engagement Rings, Solitaire Engagement Rings, Antique Engagement Rings, Split Shank Engagement Rings, Contemporary Engagement Rings, Sapphire Engagement Rings, Custom Engagement Rings and Classic Engagement Rings among others. The company also offers a range of other jewelry types including wedding bands, diamond earrings, color earrings, color pendants and bracelets. 

When contacted, Amanda from Knox Jewelers said, “Marriage is certainly one of the biggest occasions of one’s life and an amazing ring can simply make it perfect. With a range of deign and unique ring types, we make sure you get the ring that is just perfect for you.” 

About Knox Jewelers 

Knox Jewelers is a Minneapolis, MN based company that started operations in the year 1984. The company is known for its custom made and unique engagement rings. Every Knox ring is meticulously hand crafted – one ring at a time from the ground up. 

Contact Information
Contact Number: 612 823 8752/ 1 888 347 4493
Website: http://www.knoxjewelers.biz/