Everyone who owns a vehicle will need to change their tires at some time. Tires Lancaster wants to provide some tips on the warning signs of tire wear and failure. Knowing when to change out the old tires for new ones will help the vehicle perform better and prevent accidents.

Vehicle owners do not want to uselessly spend money on tires, knowing how to test tire wear and when they need replacement will help owners save funds. Here are a few tricks a vehicle owner can use to know when their tires are wearing out.

Use a Penny

One of the most common tricks to check tire wear is to use a penny. The coin is placed in-between the grooves of each tire. If the vehicle owner can see the entire head of Lincoln, then the tire tread is worn to the point of replacement. Some of the newer tires Chester County PA utilize indicator bars that inform vehicle owners the tires are worn. These bars run along the tread and appear when the tires are worn to the point of replacement.

Sidewall Inspection

Tread wear can cause the tires to go flat quickly, but sidewall damage creates a blow out, creating a dangerous situation while driving. Inspection is the only real way of checking for warning signs. Cuts, cracks or tracks in the sidewalls warn vehicle owners of possible replacement. At times, the sidewall will blister or develop a bulge, which means immediate replacement.

Feel While Driving

Many times the feel of the ride is an indicator of tire wear. Vibration is the most common warning sign, but can also be indicators of other vehicle problems. If the vehicle begins to vibrate during the ride or acceleration, then have the vehicle checked, including the tires.

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