28th of April, New York
Journal of Health Population and Nutrition recently published a study concerning the filtering and water purification systems which are deemed highly expensive even for developed countries. Not many people can afford investing in such mechanism and, because of this, they have conducted an experiment that might as well just change the way everybody sees consuming water!

It has been discovered that storing water or drinking from copper cups helps eliminate lethal bacteria and viruses, including E.coli and Salmonella, which, if not avoided can simply create a misbalance and cause further health issues.

The experiment consisted in them placing the same water in glass vessels and copper mugs and the results were astonishing. Almost 99% of the bacteria culture and potential viruses did not last in the copper vessel as the metal released antioxidant compounds in the water which helped disable them.

Kitchen Supreme, an advocate for healthy lifestyle and eating habits have decided that this was the ideal moment to start placing their copper mugs for sale.

The answer was as simple as deciding that people needed to change the way they consume water and therefore, simply replacing their everyday vessels with the Moscow mule cups became a logical lifestyle change that should be followed.


About the Product

The Kitchen Supreme Copper Mugs Set is a brand new product launched at the beginning of this year as part of an ongoing campaign to launch a number of new products in order to grow the business.

The 16oz Copper mugs comes in pairs as well as with two copper straws, two coasters, one shot glass made of copper and a recipe book for carefully crafted cocktails for the passionate!

The contents of the set come wrapped in a deluxe gift box, which makes them ideal to be given as gift for almost everybody!

About the Company

Kitchen Supreme is a USA-based company that has been selling kitchen utensils on Amazon since 2013. As a small family business they place a lot of resources and effort into providing nothing short of excellent customer support for their buyers!

Frank Williams, the owner of Kitchen Supreme considers that his success is based on the fact that his customer base sends their feedback and thus, gives them a clear idea about what they expect from the company, allowing them enough time to analyze it and then turn the feedback into a positive experience!

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