Kitchen Supreme offers their new product, a Complete Bundle 10 Liquid Chalk Markers in a promotional price with a huge discount for artists and crafters to enjoy. With this new offer from Kitchen Supreme, artists or no artists will be able to get a high quality, researched chalk marker to indulge their artistic side.

After so much research, careful studies and numerous tests by Kitchen Supreme together with artists and crafters, a complete bundle of 10 Liquid Chalk Marker made of high-end and quality fiber was made. For even superior quality, these 10 liquid markers are made with an ultra fine tip with durable fiber which, even if used extensively, will not wear so easily.

The bundle of liquid chalk markers are also made with a double reversible tip. A chisel tip can be used for fine, more detailed art work and a round tip for free writing as well as coloring. It also has concentrated ink for solid, no smudge and rich color artwork. This new product from Kitchen Supreme dries easily and is dust-free and water-based, so it can be wiped off easily.

Natural Liquid Chalk Marker has a wide range of uses. They are perfect for kids and allow them to develop their creativity. They are also perfect for architects, artists and professionals. Moreover, teachers and parents are also sure to love this pack of colored markers that are perfect for any artwork. As Kitchen Supreme knows that customers always want to save time, this new product is offered in a complete bundle of 10 liquid markers as well as chalkboard labels.
Kitchen Supreme offers to their customers an even better promo as the Natural Liquid Chalk Markers can now be purchased at a promotional price with a huge discount on their side. Much more than that, it comes with a gift of 8 chalkboard labels, 2 replacement tips plus a digital guide full of original ideas.

What’s even better is the fact that it comes complete with 10 liquid markers of different colors. One customer said, “What an amazing product where has it been all these years, what a god send these would have been when my children were little . But now my grandchild will love these, I tried this product as soon as I received it and was amazed by the vibrancy of the colors.”

As Kitchen Supreme cares for their customers and wants them to be happy with their product, if ever something happens to their Natural Liquid Chalk Marker, they promise to change them as soon as possible without any costs.

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