Poorly designed salt and pepper grinders are purchased all too often. Kitchen Lovers is here to ensure excellence in their grinders, making every particle of seasoning perfect.

Sep 02, 2016 — Salt and pepper grinders have nearly become the standard over traditional shakers in recent years. As a result many companies are scrambling a touch too quickly to put together grinders for new kitchens, overlooking key design necessities. However, one rising company, Kitchen Lovers, took their time to create the perfect salt and pepper grinder set. The result is an elegant, two-piece grinder set able to handle any peppercorn or salt type.

The reason for this sweeping shift from shakers to grinders is simple: fresh spices smell and taste better. As opposed to pre-cracked peppercorns, freshly ground peppercorn will not have spent days in a bag oxidizing and releasing valuable flavor. Instead freshly ground peppercorn from a Kitchen Lovers Grinder will allow any cook to access the full flavor of spices.

But any salt and pepper grinder set is designed to do this. Where Kitchen Lovers takes the lead is in their design excellence. The Kitchen Lover grinder set is guaranteed to fit in any kitchen setting. Additionally Kitchen Lovers is dedicated to delivering high-quality products; therefore, Kitchen Lovers has made the grinder set out of professional-grade material including a high-power ceramic grinding mechanism. A key advantage of the Kitchen Lovers Salt and Pepper Grinder is the adjustable coarseness. This feature allows aspiring chefs and casual cookers alike to experiment with different textures for a variety of foods. There are many other benefits to adjusting coarseness such as grinding salt down to extreme fineness so that it will dissolve quickly in water.

To purchase a Kitchen Lovers Salt and Pepper Grinder Set visit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ICNM1RG

Doris Simeon
Kitchen Lovers