Pattaya, Thailand, April 18, 2013 – Kiss Internet Marketing is now offering free software for video marketing and to help boost web page rankings. The software will enable SEO professionals and online marketers to drive web traffic to their client’s websites in an effortless manner. The software is easy to use and helps bring amazing YouTube SEO results in the process of Video Search Engine Optimization.

Kiss Internet Marketing is an innovative initiative by the leading Internet Marketing Consultants, Tony and Diana Hayes, whose objective is to help organizations and website owners achieve higher web page rankings through video marketing and several other innovative efforts. Tony also offers free Youtube SEO training and explains how this free software can help boost the Video SEO and get a first page ranking in quick times.

According to him, “Video Search Engine Optimization or Video Marketing is the new trend and many people are yet to learn its benefits as well as the tricks that can bring quick and effective results. We offer free Youtube SEO training to help people understand the advanced and simple ways of video marketing that can build the relevancy of a video by hijacking other’s authority. This way the software helps achieve a successful YouTube SEO result.”

Both Tony and Diana appreciate the features of the software and maintain that it has been designed specifically to help appear a video at the top of the YouTube Search Results. The software helps distribute a video on new YouTube Channels and also on the social media, making it a powerful tool of video marketing. According to Diana, the software helps add relevant keywords in the Playlist Description, which helps create playlists very quickly allowing the video to stay at the top of the YouTube Search Results. She claims, “It’s simple, yet powerful and it works.”

Anyone can learn more about the free Youtube SEO software by visiting the website , or can learn more about the free SEO training that Tony and Diana offer by following the link .

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Kiss Internet Marketing is an innovative effort by the two leading internet marketing consultants Tony and Diana Hayes. Both offer innovative SEO services, YouTube video marketing as well as YouTube SEO training. They offer several kinds of free tools and tips that can be very helpful to achieve higher SEO results or top web page rankings.

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