(Free Press Release) Portsmouth NH November 16, 2011 As an SEO Company, Kirk Communications, (http://www.kirkcommunications.com) is part of a major industry; SEO is expected to be a 19 billion dollar industry in 2012. Kirk‘s SEO Company is now offering franchise opportunities.

Why partner with Kirk Communications, an SEO Company in New Hampshire? As a local company, Kirk has created a personal feel for the company. For example, a large SEO Company might take advantage of small business owners who don‘t know the first thing about SEO and create large reports with little importance behind them. Kirk‘s SEO Company in NH has prided itself on creating reports that are easy for business owners to understand. This is one of the main reasons why Kirk‘s SEO Company has a client retention rate of over 98%.

Kirk‘s SEO Company in New Hampshire has technologies that were developed by SEO experts. Kirks employees worked on Alta Vista, the first Internet search engine. Kirks SEO Company in NH has created coding standards that eliminate the variability that is found among all the different website design and development companies that are out there. Kirk‘s coding standards come with a fully staffed team to do the work, at a low cost, at quick turn around times.

Still need convincing? The time for an SEO Company franchise is right. Small businesses are realizing that now, more than ever, it‘s important to utilize the web in order to maximize customer traffic. Kirk‘s SEO Company is one of the few firms that can provide this Search engine optimization service. With the need for SEO services increasing, becoming an SEO Company franchise offers you great potential.

About Kirk Communications

Kirk Communications is a website design and development company located in New Hampshire with additional offices in New Delhi, India. In addition to being a website design and development company, Kirk Communications is a global provider of inbound marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media integration. As an SEO Company, Kirk Communications also runs large paid campaigns for clients (PPC). Kirk‘s clients cover a broad range of vertical and horizontal markets including technology, financial services and healthcare. Beyond being an integrated website design & development, Kirk Communications offers an extensive suite of state-of-the-art SEO and PPC analytics, that, in conjunction with innovative message development, helps its customers refine their brand, increase visibility and stay ahead of their competitors. Kirk Communications counts among its clients IDG, Dorcy International, Optimize Interactive, Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center, Charter Auction and Animetrics. For more information, please visit us on the web at http://www.kirkcommunications.com.

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