Chino Hills, California - It takes a special person to rescue a dog, but it takes an extremely devoted dog lover to rescue large breeds. Kiran and Arlene Udeshi have found it challenging to raise large breed rescue dogs. However, they have been surrounded by the joy they discovered working with these large animals.

"We have grown as a family by taking on these big 'babies,'" notes Arlene. "They are worth every minute we spend with them because they give back so much."

Kiran and Arlene have been rescuing dogs for several years. Their first was Marley, a Labrador mix. They found Marley at the local gas station in August 1999. Kiran says the gas station attendant said the dog was there for four days and he was feeding the dog cat food since that is what they sold. Soon, Marley was in back of the Udeshis’ truck with Arlene heading to her new home. It took some getting used to, but the two adapted their lifestyle to the big dog and made her a part of their family.

"We had some sleepless nights, but Marley settled into our routine quickly," laughs Arlene. "Soon, we could not imagine not having Marley in our lives."

Next came Dottie, a Shepherd mix. Arlene adopted this dog in 2003 without telling Kiran. She explained to Kiran, “I am looking for a home for her.” Dottie was found at a park in a box with four other puppies. All the other puppies found a home except Dottie. After Kiran returned from a week of travel, Dottie was still at the Udeshis' house. At that point Kiran realized that Dottie was there to stay.

Dottie and Marley soon became inseparable.
In 2006, the Udeshis adopted a third dog, Cups, from their neighbors who could no longer keep her. Since Cups already knew Marley and Dottie she settled in quickly.
Marley passed in December 2010 of a heart tumor.

Their latest acquisition is Jazmyn, a four-year-old Great Dane. She became part of the family in November 2012. She was adopted from one of Arlene’s co-workers who could no longer keep her. "I cannot guarantee we will never adopt another dog," says Kiran, "but for now, three is enough for us again."

Adopting these rescue dogs has been challenging, but Kiran and Arlene are up to the task. They work together as a team to ensure the dogs have a loving, stable home with plenty of food, fresh water, room to romp and, most importantly, time to play with their owners.

Rescuing dogs is a commitment to a lifetime of love and support. While many people are willing to rescue small dogs, it is harder to find homes for bigger animals due to cost issues. It costs more to feed and vet a larger dog, and many people do not believe they can handle the extra size, especially if the dog is rambunctious.

"People should not be afraid to adopt large dogs," Kiran Udeshi says. "They can provide a great deal of joy and love to owners who are willing to take a little time and be patient with them."

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